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Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates

It is a highest level of digital signature which provides the trust and assurance of security within RCAI hierarchy set by Controller of certifying authorities (CCA) in e-tendering and e-procurement. Class 3 Digital Signature is issued to Individuals on behalf of a company or firm and also issued to Organizations. By the use of class 3 digital signature one can identify the authenticity of vender and buyer in e-tendering, e-biding and e-procurement, e-auction .It also gives transparency during transaction. There are two types of class 3 digital signature-

  1. Individual User (Class 3A)
  2. Organization user (Class 3B)

According to Information Technology Act, 2000 these digital signature can be issued two kind of certificates Signing Certificates & Encryption Certificate.

Uses of Class 3 digital signature

  • E-tendering: Class 3B Digital signature certificate use for e-trending, e- procurement, e-biding and e-auction. E-tendering portal is significantly popular website where vendors can upload document, receive response immediately as well as they can track the offers posted by other vendors. Directorate General of Foreign trade mandate that any document or offer posted on DGFT should be digitally signed with Class 3A certificate that can be issued to an individual on behalf of an organization/ company/ firm.
  • E-ticketing: Indian railways ease booking of tickets for customers by facilitating e-ticketing. Agent can issue e-ticket to desired customer if he has a Class 3A individual digital certificate signing only. After acquiring this certificate they need to map it with IRCTC through principle agent.
  • Certificates for Patent/ trademark/ IPO: Class 3 A/B Digital Signature Certificates use for Patent / Trademark, IPO. Any person or organization can online file trademark or patent application on website of Department of Patent Designs and Trademark.
  • Electronic Data Interchange: Class 3 Digital Signature use for electronic data interchange in electronic transactions like e-banking/ broking and other web based transaction where security and authentication is principle issue. These certificates are used to identify the sender in web based transaction.
  • Distributed software programs: Class 3 Digital Signature use for membership based on-line services, where security is a major concern like in code and integrity distributed software programs.
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