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Digital Signature Certificate for IRCTC e-Ticketing, Online Ticket Booking

What is e-ticketing?
Reference from Wikipedia, “An electronic ticket (commonly abbreviated as e-ticket) is a digital ticket. The term is most commonly associated with airline issued tickets. Electronic ticketing for urban or rail public transport is usually referred to as travel card or transit pass. It is also used in ticketing in the entertainment industry.
An electronic ticket system is a more efficient method of ticket entry, processing and marketing for companies in the railways, flight and other transport and entertainment industries”.
Amtrak started offering electronic tickets on all train routes on 30 July 2012. These tickets can be ordered over the internet and printed (as a PDF file), printed at a Quik-Trak kiosk, or at the ticket counter at the station. Electronic tickets can also be held in a smart phone and shown to the conductor using an app.
Benefits of e- ticketing:
An e-ticket makes your entire travel experience to be easy and safe by holding your booking and ticket details electronically. It is a biggest advantage over old style paper tickets:
• It reduces waiting for tickets to arrive in the post – Agent or Travel Company can email ticket with the details and you print them out.
• Cut extra charge for special delivery or for arranging tickets to be collected at the airport.
• If your itinerary has changed, don’t worry about returning a ticket to be reissued. Simply go on-line and print a new receipt for your current itinerary.
• It makes refund process simpler on cancellation of ticket.
• In the case of lost of e-ticket receipt one can get it from website or mail.
• It reduces paper work.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e-Ticketing:
For getting authorization to do e- ticketing by IRCTC or any other online ticket booking, one should have class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. For obtaining class 3 Digital Signature Certificate you should follow following steps-
• Download application form.
• Fill and submit it with full documents.
• Visit our office for physical verification.
After getting your class 3 Digital Signature Certificate you can register yourself with IRCTC principle agent.

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